One of the core of services that we provide for our clients is the preparation of year-end accounts.  As your accountants, we aim to build a close relationship with you and your business.   We don’t see our role as simply taking your books and records from you once a year to produce your accounts.

Our approach is to communicate regularly with our clients throughout their financial year, discussing any issues that have arisen, together with future plans that may affect the accounts and tax position of the business.

There are many reasons why a business should prepare annual accounts although perhaps the key reason is to ensure that the tax liabilities of the business are calculated correctly.

It is therefore very important that the year-end accounts are prepared accurately and fully reflect the transactions affecting that accounting period. The rules affecting how year-end accounts are prepared are complex and subject to constant change.  We combine our experience with up to date technical knowledge to ensure that your accounts are correct and give you every financial advantage.

In addition to producing the year-end accounts, we can also assist in the following areas:

  • Preparation of monthly / quarterly management accounts
  • Assistance with budgets
  • Preparation of cash-flow forecasts